Top 10 fresh beauty ideas for SpringAhh…It’s officially spring as of March 20th! Warmer weather, flowers blooming, fresh air, everything coming back to life. It’s a beautiful time, and the perfect time to rejuvenate and brighten ourselves up after the long chilly winter. So, I put together 10 spring-inspired quick & easy beauty tips for you:

1. Cucumbers, lots of cucumbers: Cucumbers are great for your skin by eating them and also by placing them on your eyes to reduce puffiness, and actually my new favorite beauty trick is rubbing two slices all over my face in circular motion for about 5 minutes. This feels fantastically refreshing and makes your skin glow.

2. Vitamin E as eye cream: Take a vitamin E capsule and prick it with a needle. Squeeze out the oil and dab under eyes and the outer corners of your eyes just as you would eye cream. I do this right before bed! Also, you can spread the oil across your forehead to prevent lines.

3. A green smoothie a day keeps the aging away: Green leafy veggies {like spinach & kale} are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They are essential for clear, beautiful skin and anti-aging. Sneak those greens in by making the perfect green smoothie! I typically use baby spinach or baby kale. Try to add in a green smoothie each day or as often as possible.

4. Coconut oil for beauty – I absolutely love using coconut oil as a deep-conditioning hair mask. All you do is rub the oil from the top of your head to the ends of your hair and wrap up in a bun. Leave for 1-2 hours. Then wash your hair afterward, shampooing twice! You can also use this favorite oil for a nighttime moisturizer. You only need a small dab. You can test a small area on your face to make sure it doesn’t cause any breakouts. {If you’d rather try a lighter oil first, argan or jojoba oil can be a better option for acne-prone complexions}. Lastly, you can make a homemade body scrub mixing coconut oil + coconut sugar!

5. Apple Cider Vinegar as a facial toner: Fill half a mason jar with raw, organic unfiltered ACV {I love the Bragg brand} and then fill the other half with water and mix well. Using this mix as a toner helps brighten your complexion, prevent breakouts, even out skin tone, give you softer skin, and can lighten age and sun spots. After you’ve cleansed your skin, apply using a cotton ball. You can use morning and/or night. If you’re not sure how your skin will react, I suggest first using 75% water and 25% ACV. You can also do a little test on a small area of your skin first. Experiment with the right amount of ACV and water for your skin; 50/50 or 75/25 may work great for your skin, or you may even need less ACV, at least in the beginning.

6. Vitamin C love – Increase your fruits and veggies that are high in Vitamin C which are amazing for beautiful skin and anti-aging. Think bell peppers, oranges, strawberries, kiwi, kale, Brussels sprouts, broccoli…to name a few!

7. Drink plenty of pure H2O: Drink ½ your weight in ounces of pure water each day. You hear this all the time, but it’s soo important! And although it’s a super simple tip, it’s not always easy to remember or do. Keep track of your water intake to make sure you’re meeting your daily goal. Here are 5 fun ways to add flavor to your water!

8. Yoga for beauty: Yoga is great not only for movement and fitness, but it promotes glowing skin, calmness, living in the moment, a restful sleep and reduces stress all of which contribute to our beauty.

9. Spring into spring fashion: Spring fashion is so fun! Brighten up your wardrobe with florals, prints, yellow, orchid, raspberry, overall bright beautiful colors. You won’t be able to help how beautiful you look and feel in these fun prints & colors! One of my favorite spring lines is from Christina Karin. I included one of my top fav dresses from her spring line in the picture above!

10. Brighten up your home + office: Purchase colorful spring flowers to boost your mood and increase that inner beauty. Flowers make any girl happy! The gorgeous spring flowers in the picture above are from Natural Beauties Floral, my favorite Chicago wedding florist!

 I’d love to hear from you! In the comment section below, tell me:

  1. Which of these spring beauty tips are you most excited to try?
  2. What is your favorite spring-inspired beauty tip that’s not on this list?

To blooms + beauty,