“A few months ago I got sick of the cycle [and being exhausted of no energy and sleep!] and made a date with a nutritionist. I met with Kara Stout, and I am in love with her. She works a lot with brides but will meet with anyone. I thought a nutritionist would be really expensive and tell you things you already know like ‘eat chicken.’ The pricing is really inexpensive considering it is your health and I learned more in one hour than I’ve ever learned in my life. She gives you an entire eating plan based on your exact needs and teaches you why your body reacts to certain foods or practices.  When I follow what she tells me I feel amazing. When I stray, I get nauseated, migraines and exhausted. I’m obsessed with her and how sweet she is!”

Katey, fashion + lifestyle blogger, Chronicles of Frivolity, Dallas, TX 

“I first reached out to Kara before my wedding. I needed a little energy boost before my big day and to work on my overall wellness. First I was so impressed on how professional and caring Kara was during each session. I felt relaxed and comfortable. I was then surprised about how much I learned from my time with Kara and how much information and handouts I received. Even after my 3-month program ended, I now have the knowledge I need to actually shop for healthy meals and ingredients thanks to the grocery store tour… which was my favorite part!

Before my time with Kara, I was tired all the time, no energy and honestly felt bloated way too often. After my sessions, not only did I not feel bloated or tired, but I had so much more energy and my skin has never looked better! It’s changed my life! I even got my (now) husband to sit down with Kara. He is now sleeping and eating better than he ever has before. Highly recommended to any bride, wife, mom, or anyone who needs a little nutrition makeover!”

~ Jessica, 29, Austin, TX

“My time with Kara was such a sweet blessing. She empowers women to work from where they are no matter their size, health, background, or mentality. Every session I walked in to meet her I left feeling like I really could make the changes I needed in order to change my life. Not only did she give me simple, easy to incorporate health tips, but she also encouraged me so much before my marriage. Our time was spent laughing about husbands, marriage, the craziness of wedding planning, and how sweet it is to serve a God who seeks our hearts. I loved getting to know her. I truly left after six months of meeting with her with a better knowledge of my body, my health, and how to tend to it. She is a lifelong friend for sure!”

~ June, Dallas, TX

“Instead of continuing to spin around in my own confused thoughts fueled by health magazines/books, friends’ eating trends, or grocery store advertising, Kara gave me informative & customized approaches that kept me in constant action rather than standing on the outside observing what others say or do. Nothing is worse than feeling stuck. Kara was able to help me focus on opportunities for change rather than to settle for the same old habits that didn’t produce results. I cut out a lot of hidden sugar, quit diet soda (and really all artificial sweeteners) and added more much needed nutrients. I have less energy crashes and have lost some weight. I finally feel like I am keeping my goals and moving forward! Kara’s expertise, commitment, availability and genuineness brought out the best in me and my approach to health & wellness. I highly recommend working with Kara!!”

~ Anne, 27, Chicago, IL

“I originally came to Kara because I wanted to lose weight, improve my exercise endurance and develop an overall healthier lifestyle. The step-by-step nature of the program was very instrumental in effectively teaching me to incrementally make lasting changes in each of these areas. Along the way, I not only learned how to achieve my goals, but also how to make better/smarter choices when nourishing my body (from a holistic standpoint). I found Kara to be incredibly thoughtful, knowledgeable, and supportive; I really enjoyed working with her and always looked forward to meeting with her every few weeks. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to be healthier, happier, or just grow as a human being–it’s had an extremely positive impact on several different parts of my life.”

~ Angela, 25, Chicago, IL

“Every day there seems to be a new diet or crazy food regime that promises to drop pounds quick. I was lost in a sea of information until Kara came along and made everything so simple to understand. I finally got a grasp on proper nutrition and not only that but what works for me as an individual. As a slave to counting calories I learned portion sizes are more important. I not only learned about nutrition but my relationship to food. I lost 15 pounds on the transformation program and the pounds are still off. I feel in control of what I eat and cannot thank Kara enough for her support and program. Thank you so much!”

~ Araceli, 25, Chicago, IL

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