Cute Graphic t-shirtsWe all know the best shopping is online shopping because A) we don’t have to leave the house and B) waiting for a package is so fun!!  Today, I have exciting news- the official launch of my new graphic tees!  I wanted these shirts to reflect the core of my business, therefore, the shirts are based on health, love, and faith.  Oh, and I’m a bit obsessed with my pug Scarlett so, of course, had to create a shirt for all the other pug lovers out there. 

With the designing help of the talented xo Ginny and her beautiful hand-lettering, they all turned out insanely cute if I say so myself.  Soft and lightweight, these shirts can be paired with fun, printed shorts, skinny jeans, or a cute skirt.  I believe you can say a lot by what you wear, and graphic t-shirts are a great way to be unique and show your personality!

These tees are perfect for summer, and speaking of summer, to celebrate it’s arrival, enjoy free shipping until June 5!  Just enter the code: HAPPYSUMMER15 at checkout.  Take a look at how these shirts were styled in our recent photoshoot, and pick your favorite (or a few) and follow the links to place your order!  Enjoy!

Green smoothie graphic t-shirt

The Green Smoothie T-Shirt is perfect for girls who love their green smoothies and love living the healthy lifestyle!  Click HERE for more info!

Love Never Fails Graphic T-Shirt

The Love Never Fails T-Shirt is inspired by a favorite Bible verse on the definition of true love.  Click HERE for more info!

I'm His Graphic T-Shirt

The I’m His T-Shirt is perfect for God-loving ladies declaring to be His or can also be for brides and wives who are happily taken.  Click HERE for more info!

Pug graphic t-shirt

pug graphic t-shirt

The Pug Love T-Shirt is perfect for pug mamas and pug lovers.  Click HERE for more info!

Cute Graphic T-Shirts

Cute graphic t-shirts

girls and confetti

Cute graphic t-shirts

Cute graphic t-shirts



Photography: Kristen Dee Photography

Shirt models: Kelly from Pink Champagne Paper, Elisabeth from Silver Lining Events and Christina from Christina Karin.