Happy Wives Club

My husband, Fawn Weaver & Me

Happy Valentine’s Day, Love!

So, as you may recall, I recently wrote a post called A Letter to My Engaged Self to share not only with you, but also for the Happy Wives Club book blog tour. Fawn Weaver, the founder of the Happy Wives Club and author of the Happy Wives Club book {which is already a New York Times Best Seller!} was recently in Dallas doing a coffee talk. My husband {yes, he came with me!} and I really enjoyed the time spent with her. Her mission was to fly all over the world, 12 countries, 6 continents to discover the secrets to a great marriage. Not the secrets of staying married, the secrets of a great marriage. There’s a definite distinction.

She shared a few of the secrets, and of course, I wanted to share two of my favorites with you.

1. Mutual respect.

At first, I thought yes…this I know. But, when Fawn gave an example, it really opened my eyes to see where I’ve been going wrong and how to show even more respect to my husband. Her story went like this: A photographer friend was telling her how his wife got upset after she had spent a good amount of time making dinner, and he didn’t come to the dinner table until an hour after it was ready. Letting it get cold, because he had to finish editing photos. He asked Fawn’s take on it. Fawn asked him, if that was let’s say the president or someone who you really looked up to and respected who cooked you dinner, would you make him/her wait? And of course, he said no, he wouldn’t make that person wait. So, then why would you not respect your wife just as much if not MORE? She committed her life to you, til death do you part. That deserves the greatest respect of all. I just loved this example.

2. Having a daily ritual.

Oftentimes, couples will have weekly rituals {i.e. date nights} but not necessarily daily rituals. Try to incorporate daily rituals, which inspire connectedness. They can be short and sweet. Fawn gave an example from one of the couples she interviewed in the book who had been married for over 25 years. This couple’s daily ritual was…first thing in the morning they’d make coffee and then sit up against their headboard and talk. Talk about the day before and talk about their plans for the day ahead. They called this their “board meeting”. How cute is that?! Love it so much. My husband’s and my daily ritual is to pray together. We are trying to come up with another cute daily ritual similar to the “board meeting”.

Happy Wives Club book These are only two out of the 12 secrets in the book. Excited to read and find out all of them!

One last thing…after sharing  A Letter to My Engaged Self, I’ve been invited to write a post for the Happy Wives Club blog! Very grateful and excited for this opportunity! Now…what to write? I am brainstorming some topics, but I also wanted to see if you had any suggestions for me on what to write?


As always, I’d love to hear from you! In the comment section below, tell me:

  1. What did you think of these two secrets?
  2. Do you and your love already have a daily ritual?
  3. If not, what are some rituals that you think could be fun and inspire connectedness?
  4. Any suggestions for what I should write for the Happy Wives Club blog?

To R-E-S-P-E-C-T, board meetings + of course x’s & o’s {for Valentine’s day!},


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