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4 DIY Summer Bath Soaks With all the summer days ahead full of activities and time spent in the sunshine and outdoors, a homemade bath soak is just what we need to rejuvenate and soothe our skin. Making your own bath soaks at home is simple, inexpensive and so much fun! Not to mention they are pure and natural with no dyes or extra chemicals, and you know all the ingredients you’re adding in. These 4 DIY Summer Bath Soaks will help you relax, de-stress, ease tension and sore muscles, soothe sunburns or bug bites, and moisturize summer skin. Fresh citrus peels, dried lavender and strawberry powder are some of the unique ingredients making these perfect for summer. Not to mention a milk bath using goat milk. This will leave your skin extra soft and make you feel like a queen, side note: it’s been said that Cleopatra used to bathe in goat milk! You can also make these for birthday gifts or a sweet “just because it’s summer” gift for your best friends.  keep reading

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 Erin Condren Design Products I’m all about to-do lists, checklists and getting organized. It helps me stay on track and focus on my daily and long-term goals. There’s nothing like a blank notebook ready to gather all your new, fun ideas or nothing like a brand new planner! I know I’m not the only one who gets excited about those things, right?! Organization is key! During my first session with my clients we go over the importance of goal setting, organizing and planning, plus the importance of writing down your goals and action steps to reach those goals.  keep reading

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Photo of Picnic basket with sunflowers, Mini donuts and champagne May is my favorite month! It always has been. Probably because it’s my birthday month…well, honestly, it is because it’s my birthday month;) but I also love the spring weather, flowers, and how the warmer temps and sunshine bring excitement and happy moods. Hi May spelled out with fruit I’ve been wanting to share a fun, simple picnic on the blog, plus I’ve been wanting a new picnic basket and blanket, so I stopped by Target and purchased my new picnic essentials as a birthday gift to myself {yes, I did!}. Obsessed with my new little basket and blanket.  I linked all of my picnic items plus some additional cute options at the end of this post for you!  keep reading

4 ways to style your dresser Lately, I’ve been in major organizing and rearranging mode at home. Probably because Spring is here, and this is the perfect time for a new, fresh update on home décor. I’ve been trying to style my dresser in a chic, fun way so I reached out to my sweet friend Katey McFarlan, fashion + lifestyle blogger of Chronicles of Frivolity, for some much-appreciated advice on 4 ways to style your dresser.  I thought it would be fun to share something a little different on the blog!  So, I visited Katey in her beautiful home for some decoration inspo and snapped these photos of her styling suggestions to share with y’all! Whether you want a dresser that’s practical, stylish or magazine worthy, we’ve got you covered with these four suggestions to help you find your unique dresser style.  keep reading