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How to Stay Happy and Motivated to Reach Your Goals


 Erin Condren Design Products

I’m all about to-do lists, checklists and getting organized. It helps me stay on track and focus on my daily and long-term goals. There’s nothing like a blank notebook ready to gather all your new, fun ideas or nothing like a brand new planner! I know I’m not the only one who gets excited about those things, right?!

Organization is key! During my first session with my clients we go over the importance of goal setting, organizing and planning, plus the importance of writing down your goals and action steps to reach those goals.  [click to continue…]


Bonton Farms: Goats, chickens and kale, oh my!



I’m so excited to share with you the cutest little farm with an incredible mission. I have to be honest…what first sparked my interest to come visit this farm was a snap my friend, Sarah Conner, shared on Snapchat. She’s one of the VPs at H.I.S. BridgeBuilders, the organization that created Bonton Farms.  She shared a photo of two goats cuddling in the sunshine, and my attention was caught. I had to visit. I’m a huge animal lover and couldn’t wait to meet these cuties. Plus, with my love of fresh vegetables and health, I had to come check it out, and I’m so grateful I did.  [click to continue…]

Fashion Inspiration

Tees, Please!


Cute Graphic t-shirtsWe all know the best shopping is online shopping because A) we don’t have to leave the house and B) waiting for a package is so fun!!  Today, I have exciting news- the official launch of my new graphic tees!  I wanted these shirts to reflect the core of my business, therefore, the shirts are based on health, love, and faith.  Oh, and I’m a bit obsessed with my pug Scarlett so, of course, had to create a shirt for all the other pug lovers out there.  [click to continue…]

Inspiration Steps to the Aisle

14 Things My Husband & I Have Learned in 4 Years of Marriage


14 Things My Husband and I Have Learned in 4 Years of MarriageIn July, my husband, Michael, and I celebrated our 4-year anniversary.  We’ve been through a lot in our 4 little years. Not many people talk about how much work marriage can be especially in the beginning. There are ups and downs, great times and challenging times. Times filled with tears and times filled with so much laughter and love you remember exactly why you are together.

Michael and I decided to collaborate on this blog post to share some of the things we’ve learned in the last four years. Some are light and fun and some are more personal.  [click to continue…]

Inspiration Steps to the Aisle

8 Romantic Outdoor Date Ideas


8 romantic outdoor date ideas Sometimes as you get busy with work and wedding planning or life in general, the romance, dates and alone time with your love can dwindle. That’s why it is so important to always make time for each other. Easier said than done sometimes. I have to remind myself of this often as well. Being married can become a routine with romance decreasing little by little until all of a sudden you realize you haven’t had a date night in weeks. We must make it a priority to keep that lovin’ alive!

Outdoor dates are perfectly fun and romantic. It’s refreshing to get outside and disconnect from the world and technology and just be. You + him.

I put together a list of my favorite outdoor date ideas. Some we’ve done and some we haven’t done, but they’re on our love bucket list. [click to continue…]

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