I’m so excited to share with you the cutest little farm with an incredible mission. I have to be honest…what first sparked my interest to come visit this farm was a snap my friend, Sarah Conner, shared on Snapchat. She’s one of the VPs at H.I.S. BridgeBuilders, the organization that created Bonton Farms.  She shared a photo of two goats cuddling in the sunshine, and my attention was caught. I had to visit. I’m a huge animal lover and couldn’t wait to meet these cuties. Plus, with my love of fresh vegetables and health, I had to come check it out, and I’m so grateful I did. 



It was such a blessing to visit Bonton Farms as it’s so much more than a cute little farm. It’s located in a small South Dallas neighborhood where you would never imagine a farm to be. I was told you would expect to see crime and gang violence as opposed to chickens and vegetables.

Bonton is located in a “food desert”, meaning with the significant amount of people in that neighborhood without transportation, it would on average take 3 hours round trip to get to the nearest grocery store. This forces residents to get their groceries at the local liquor stores, which you can imagine provides very little or realistically no healthy options. This has significantly impacted their health and productivity. Everyone deserves access to fresh, healthy foods.


Bonton Farms is fueled by a mission initiative of utilizing “an agricultural intervention to restore health, create jobs, and ignite hope in South Dallas.” It was started by H.I.S. BridgeBuilders “a Dallas urban missionary organization that mobilizes the Body of Christ to alleviate poverty and promote flourishing communities.”


The adorable farm has an organic garden, free-range chickens, goats, turkeys, rabbits, beehives, and their sweet farm dog named Moses.



IMG_8737 IMG_8746 IMG_8753


Speaking of beehives…they also have Bonton Honey which is pure, raw 100% natural honey and it’s delicious! Of course I bought some. I’m a sucker for local, raw honey. Plus, how cute is their honey slogan: “Hives changing lives.” I also bought a dozen of their farm-fresh eggs, um wow. So good!



It doesn’t get much better than a local and sustainable organic farm with happy animals and a mission of hope and health!

For more info: Here’s their website or if you ever want to volunteer, click HERE!