video on beauty tricks With all the holiday eating, drinking and get-togethers, these quick and foolproof beauty tricks are exactly what we need to prepare us for New Year’s Eve which is in just a few short days!  Or, really…these beauty tips are perfect for any special occasion you have coming up where you want to look extra beautiful.  And for my beautiful brides-to-be, these easy tricks will also help you prepare for your wedding!

I share my favorite tips for how to decrease bloating {i.e. flat tummy tea}, how to get beautiful, glowing skin and my top tip for shiny hair.

fitness video blog I also have two special guests for this video! One is my husband, Michael, who is my favorite personal trainer, and he shares 3 exercises to help us with those “crucial” areas: our arms, buns and stomach. {I typically do these exercises often, however, I must admit I’ve fallen off a bit over the holidays. Gotta get on it!}

And the second guest, I’m sure you can guess 😉 Her name is Scarlett, she has a little curly tail, and she appears in many of my videos, posts, emails, etc.

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Cheers to a beautiful 2014!