8 romantic outdoor date ideas Sometimes as you get busy with work and wedding planning or life in general, the romance, dates and alone time with your love can dwindle. That’s why it is so important to always make time for each other. Easier said than done sometimes. I have to remind myself of this often as well. Being married can become a routine with romance decreasing little by little until all of a sudden you realize you haven’t had a date night in weeks. We must make it a priority to keep that lovin’ alive!

Outdoor dates are perfectly fun and romantic. It’s refreshing to get outside and disconnect from the world and technology and just be. You + him.

I put together a list of my favorite outdoor date ideas. Some we’ve done and some we haven’t done, but they’re on our love bucket list.

1. Glamping: aka glamorous camping. You can make this as elaborate or as simple as you’d like. We’ve even considered glamping it up in our backyard. These amazing pictures below are by Alyssa Turner Photography and from the engagement photo shoot of Raquel from R Love Floral! {Just love this session!}

8 romantic outdoor date ideas

8 romantic outdoor date ideas

2. Roller skating: Get those old school roller skates or you may have to buy a new pretty little pair and bust them out in your neighborhood, park or along a lake or boardwalk. This will definitely bring back that 80’s childhood and some sweet love!

3. Breakfast Picnic: You can pack some green smoothies in mason jars, fruit salad, blueberry muffins, scrambled egg + veggies muffins, chia seed pudding, or banana French toast kabobs…to give you a few ideas. If you want some healthy recipes, I’ve pinned a lot on Pinterest! Oh yeah, we can’t forget mimosas. Or my personal fav, green mimosas…champagne with green juice. I know it may not sound too great, but it is! I recommend kale, pear + lemon juice and then mix with some champs. {Picture below taken by the awesome Jennefer Wilson who took all my pics on my website FYI!}

8 romantic outdoor date ideas

4. Hot air balloon: no explanation needed. Pure romance.

5. Drive-in movie: There really aren’t too many, but you can easily do a google search to locate one near you. It throws you back to a “more innocent time”;)

6. Arboretum and botanical gardens: There are usually fun activities you can join in on or you can simply just walk around together, talking and enjoying being outside.

7. Canoeing: I think the Notebook forever changed canoeing. You can rent a canoe and find a lake nearby and bring some {healthy of course} snacks + drinks. You can open Pandora and listen to some music or simply just paddle and talk. Maybe it will even rain to really up the romance! {Another gorgeous picture below by Alyssa Turner Photography}

8 romantic outdoor date ideas

8. Long walk along lake or beach: A tried and true romantic and super easy date.

I’d love to hear from you!

  1. What do you think of these 8 date ideas? Any you’re especially excited to do?
  2. What is your favorite romantic outdoor date?