As you’ve heard time and time again, drinking plenty of water is a must, especially in the summer when it’s so easy to become dehydrated. Y’all it’s been so hot here in Texas, and I just crave water all the time! And when I don’t get enough water, I get headaches and migraines. Not fun at all! It’s a top priority to get in plenty of water not only to ward of headaches but also for good digestion, flushing out toxins, helping our body perform all of its necessary functions, helping with weight loss, pretty and glowing skin, and great overall health.

Signs that you may not be drinking enough water are:

Poor digestion, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, hunger, breakouts, dry skin, inability to lose weight, and even bad breath. So drink up buttercup! Plain water can definitely be satisfying, but it’s also so much fun to get creative with some new ideas and tasty additions. So, I wanted to share with you 4 Ways to Make Your Water More Exciting.

1. Fruit, Veggie & Herb Infused Water:

Pour water into your glass and add in your favorite fruits, veggies and herbs or whatever you have on hand. Ideally, allow these to infuse for about 20 minutes in the fridge. You can also purchase a fruit infusion water bottle like this or this fruit infusion pitcher we have and are obsessed with! Here is another cute pink flip-top fruit infuser! Adding in fresh produce and herbs not only adds flavor, it also adds some extra health benefits! Here’s my newest obsession: strawberry, lime, cucumber and mint infused water!

Fruit, Veggie & Herb Infused Water

2. Fruity Ice Cubes:

These are awesome! They keep your water cold and also while they melt, infuse into your water. All you do is blend your favorite fruit in a blender and pour into ice cube trays and freeze. I love making watermelon, blueberry, cherry, kiwi, peach, or strawberry ice cubes. You can also combine some flavors too if you’d like, for example, watermelon and strawberry ice cubes. Experiment and find what you like!  And seriously I just found this pineapple ice cube tray and flamingo ice cube tray and must purchase asap!!

Watermelon Ice Cubes Blueberry Ice Cubes Blueberry Ice Cubes in water Kiwi Ice Cubes Blueberry Ice Cubes infusing in water

3. Pretty Decorative Summer Ice Cubes:

These are mostly to add some beauty to your water (or to your cocktails…but that’s another blog post!;) You’ll want to get the large square ice cube trays, like these, add some pretty flowers like tulips or rose petals. Just make sure they are not poisonous. For example, only parts of tulips are edible, like the petals are considered to be safe for consumption. Never eat flowers that have been treated with fungicide or pesticides. But for these flower ice cubes, again, I would just look at it as decorative rather than consuming any of the flowers just to be safe. As for the ice cubes with added berries, mint and fruit slices, these of course are safe and you can certainly eat the fruit once the cubes have melted!

Blueberry Ice Cubes infusing in water   

4. Water Fruit Popsicles:

These are super easy, SO fun to make and seriously delicious! I mean much more delicious than you would anticipate given the little amount of effort and how simple they are! You can definitely taste the fruit flavor as you begin enjoying your water pop. Just fill your popsicle molds with water and add in your favorite sliced fruit or berries. Here are my favorite popsicle molds and here are ring popsicle molds! Like ring pops but in the form of a popsicle.  So fun!

 Assortment of Water Fruit Popsicles     

Blackberry Water Fruit Popsicles on ice cubes Strawberry Water Fruit Popsicle Orange Water Fruit Popsicle Kiwi Water Fruit Popsicle Strawberry, pink lemon, cherry and blackberry Popsicle  Cherry Popsicle Pink Lemonade Popsicle

The water popsicles that are pictured are: strawberries, clementine slices, pink lemon slices, cherries, pink dragon fruit, blackberries, kiwi slices, and a fun combo one with cherries, blackberries, and a pink lemon slice. Do you have a favorite way to make water more exciting? I’d love to hear! Also, if you try any of these ideas, let me know what you think in the comments below!


Cheers to more exciting water!
xoxo signature-silver