turkey scar video picAfter writing last week’s post, 5 Quick Tips for a Thinner Thanksgiving, I got to thinking more about tip #5 – Enjoy the delicious food, but don’t make it the only focus/activity of the day. I decided to brainstorm some fun and meaningful activities that you could really enjoy and benefit from!

Click play for the 4 must-do activities + see a pug lovin’ her turkey costume!

I’d love to hear from you!  In the comment section below,         tell me:

  1. 5 of the items on your age-inspired gratitude list
  2. Which of the 4 activities listed was your favorite
  3. Or maybe another activity you’d like to add to this list

BONUS activity: Dress your dog as a turkey! And if you do, you must share with me!

And yes, Scarlett {my pug} probably won’t forgive me for quite some time 😉

pug in turkey costume

What a grumpy turkey dog!

To grumpy turkey dogs & a wonderful Thanksgiving!



P.S. I’ve been adding lots of delicious recipes to my holiday Pinterest board. Definitely check it out for some ideas! Plus, I just created a new Brides Pinterest board that’s all things wedding & love {makes me want to plan my wedding all over again!}.

P.P.S. I almost forgot to share a little exciting news. My Pumpkin Pie French Toast recipe I shared with you last week was featured on MindBodyGreen! Check it out HERE!