3-month program

Bridal Wellness Coaching Program


A 3-month coaching program for brides who have less than 6 months to prepare and who need the additional support and guidance to achieve their wedding day goals.  This program was created to help brides lose 5-8lbs, learn about nutrition and clean eating, add in foods for beautiful skin and hair, decrease stress, and increase energy.

This program was created to help brides:

  1. kale bouquet Decrease stress
  2. Lose 5-8lbs, get fit, + tone up
  3. Not only lose weight, but learn how to maintain your healthy new weight {70-80% of brides gain an average of 10lbs after tying the knot}
  4. Learn what healthy eating really is and not feel confused by the contradictory nutrition advice that’s out there
  5. Increase energy
  6. Stay motivated by keeping this fun with easily digestible info, support and actionable steps
  7. Fully enjoy the engagement + wedding planning process
  8. Lay a foundation for a healthy marriage
  9. Feel supported and excited during this journey to the aisle

What we cover:

  • bridal nutrition, health + wellness to expand your understanding of nutrition, uncomplicate the topic, and free you from relying on any numbers {calories or scales} to tell you that you’re healthy or beautiful
  • weight loss
  • foods and practices for beautiful skin + hair
  • stress management + tips to decrease stress
  • time management
  • tried and true sleepy time tricks to improve beauty zzz’s
  • foods and practices to increase your energy
  • preparing for a healthy marriage
  • grocery store tour

Additional info:

For each session, we will meet for one hour either in person for local Dallas brides or via Skype/phone for non-local brides. My office is located at The Bevy, our wedding and event design studio located in Addison, TX.

A bonus: A one-on-one personal training session with Michael, my sweet husband, who is a personal trainer and expert in weight loss training. After your session, he will put together a fitness plan to target your specific wedding dress areas + give you exercise tips to incorporate daily.

Price: $985

Payment options available.

How to get started:

Just click the button below to complete the contact form, and I’ll be in touch within two business days to discuss your goals, the program and how I can best support you!

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Have Questions? Such as…

What if I have more weight to lose than 15lbs?  OR  What if my mama, MOH, bridesmaids, or even fiancé wants to do the program with me?

Great Q’s…make sure to check out the FAQ page for the answers + more important questions you may have.