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A Joy-Filled Wellness Brand

Providing Food Styling & Photography, Wellness Writing and Brand Collaborations.

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Hi Lovely!

I’m excited you’re here, and I hope you feel loved and encouraged throughout my site and blog.

I’m Kara Stout, the founder of Nutrition By Kara, a wellness brand dedicated to empowering and supporting women to eat healthy, simply and beautifully with a focus on balance and intentional living.

Through my three brand objectives: health-inspired food photography, wellness articles and brand collaborations, my hope is to inspire women to make their health and self-care a non-negotiable priority and to encourage living life with more purpose, joy and fulfillment.

Food Styling & Photography for…

  • Wellness Brands
  • Health-focused Restaurants
  • Health & Wellness Bloggers
  • Lifestyle Bloggers

My photography style focuses on fresh, real foods with beautiful, vibrant colors providing a brand story that evokes wellness, community, and joy.

Brand Collaborations

  • Recipe Development
  • Wellness Writing & Content Creation
  • Social Media Promotion

I love working with brands that…

promote a joyful & intentional healthy lifestyle, whether that be through nourishing food and drinks, clean beauty items or athleisure wear, in order to provide fun new options for readers to try.

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Friends, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen me share my love for the athleisure brand, Threads 4 Thought. With all of the brands I’ve tried, they are by far one of my top favorites. I first discovered this brand actually from my sweet husband.   He came home...

Morning Rose Summer Tea Recipe + a Tea-riffic Giveaway!

I’ve been a lover of teas for a long time – then my matcha and turmeric lattes sort of took over, leaving tea out a bit. Poor tea, am I right? But, I find it to be the perfect coincidence that around the exact time my hubs and I went to London/the UK & Ireland (where...

Gluten-Free Almond Butter Cup Brownies

For reals. This is one of my absolute favorite recipes I’ve created to date! I am SO excited to share these Almond Butter Cup Brownies with you! I was craving some homemade, healthier brownies recently so got in the kitchen to create a simple recipe…and these were...