A Joy-Filled Wellness Brand

Providing Holistic Health Coaching, Food Styling & Photography, Wellness Writing and Brand Collaborations.

Hi Lovely!

I’m excited you’re here, and I hope you feel loved and encouraged throughout my site and blog.  


I’m Kara Stout, the founder of Nutrition By Kara, a wellness brand dedicated to empowering and supporting women to eat healthy, simply and beautifully with a focus on balance and intentional living.


Through my four brand objectives: holistic health coaching, health-focused food photography, wellness articles and brand collaborations, my hope is to inspire women to make their health and self-care a non-negotiable priority and to encourage living life with more purpose, joy and fulfillment.

Please see each box below for all the deets!

Holistic Health Coaching

For the woman who wants…

  • Less hustle, more health.
  • Less confusion, more clarity.
  • Less negative self-talk, more self-love.
  • Less overwhelm, more joy.
  • Less artificial, more real.
  • Less food anxiety, more peace.
  • Less restricting, more balance.
  • Less distraction, more focus.


Styling + photography for…

  • Health-focused restaurants
  • Wellness brands
  • Lifestyle bloggers.

My photography style focuses on fresh, real foods with beautiful, vibrant colors providing a brand story that evokes wellness, community, and joy.

Writer and Brand Collabs

I love working with brands that…

truly promote a joyful & intentional healthy lifestyle, whether that be through nourishing food and drinks, clean beauty items or toxic-free home products, in order to provide fun new options for my readers to try.

As Seen On...

“A few months ago I got sick of the cycle and made a date with a nutritionist. I met with Kara Stout, and I am in love with her. She works a lot with brides but will meet with anyone. I thought a nutritionist would be really expensive and tell you things you already know like ‘eat chicken.’ The pricing is really inexpensive considering it is your health and I learned more in one hour than I’ve ever learned in my life. She gives you an entire eating plan based on your exact needs and teaches you why your body reacts to certain foods or practices.  When I follow what she tells me I feel amazing. When I stray, I get nauseated, migraines and exhausted. I’m obsessed with her and how sweet she is!”

~ Katey, fashion + lifestyle blogger, Chronicles of Frivolity, Dallas, TX